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The Dark Lord Voldemort's rise to power has been whispered of in shadows and dark corners. Now he has gathered his faithful and is tired of biding his time. He will be great, he will be immortal. It is only a matter of time.

Or is it?

One man dies. A lover lost, a friend, an enemy. A son never to be born. One moment of betrayal and the future is changed forever.

Is the future already preordained and we but pawns along its path?

Or are we forever Far From Grace?

farfromgracerpg is an alternate universe Harry Potter Marauders Era Role Playing Game that will begin November 15, 2007 and will start in-game on November 15, 1978. Everything up to that point in canon will remain the same; anything beyond that is up for discussion. It begins with the death of James Potter at the hands of Peter Pettigrew and explores how the world changes for his loved ones, friends, and enemies. It is a game intended for serious players interested in strong characterizations and character development, as well as involvement in plotting and story-lines. RPs are done through IM or googledocs, with the logs posted to the community.

It's going to be really cool, with a few really great writers, like my friends kaz814 and ink_addict. If you are into roleplaying, you should check it out. We need some big names, like Remus, Peter, the Longbottoms, and many, many other characters.
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