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100quills entry: Prepare

Title: Not Spying
Author: fabricatedemons
Rating: G
Prompt Set: 100.1
Prompt: 074 Prepare.
Word Count: 801
Summary: Severus is watching Lily in the park again.
Warning: Deathly Hallows Spoilers

He didn't care much for her sister, Tuney. In fact, he mentally referred to her as Prune-y; her lips were nearly always pursed in disapproval and she was quite bossy. Severus had been watching them for several days now, crouching low in his hiding spot behind the bushes. He didn't come to the park to play--he didn't play often, really--but was drawn there every afternoon to watch the two young girls as they meandered through the playground equipment. In all honesty, he was only interested in one of them, and that was because she was a witch.

He knew enough about magic from his mother that he could easily recognize her abilities.

Perhaps it stemmed from living in a household with a cantankerous father who disapproved of magic, but Severus was keen on getting to know her. She was his age, and she was interesting. He also liked that she didn't take much guff from her sister. That was why, when he was lingering near the perimeter of the fence surrounding the park one day, he'd taken to hiding behind the bushes. He could watch them without being noticed, and they wouldn't even know he was there, unless someone pointed him out.

This particular afternoon, Lily was on the see-saw with her sister, pushing off the ground in turn. They were talking, and Lily said something with a giggle that made Petunia scowl. Without warning, Petunia slid off the plank, leaving Lily hanging in the air.

Severus cringed, waiting for a crashing thud, but it didn't come. Lily was hanging in the air, suspended by nothing since there was no anchor on the opposite side. Her eyes were narrowed at her sister, and very slowly, the edge of the plank lowered until her trainers were scraping the ground. She got off, placing her hands on her hips. "That wasn't very nice, Tuney," she said.

Tuney inclined her head, wide eyed at what had just happened. "I don't care what you think, Lily," she replied. "And you shouldn't do that!" She pointed to the see saw plank. "What if someone sees you?" The girls glared at each other for a moment, and then Tuney turned around on her heel and stalked off across the grassy field. "I'm going home," she called over her shoulder.

Lily stared after her, a frown twitching at the corner of her lips. She scuffed her trainer across the ground and muttered something under her breath. Severus wasn't sure what she'd said, but his heart skipped a beat as he realized that she was alone. It was really what he'd been waiting for. He shifted slightly, debating whether or not he should stand up and say something. He didn't want her to think that he was a freak, even though that was a likely possibility, considering all the names he was called by the rest of the neighborhood children. Lily and her sister lived in a wealthier area, and he doubted that their father worked for the mill. He doubted their father drank as much as his father did, either.

He wasn't quite sure what he'd say to her, but before he gave it any more thought, he got to his feet. Peering out from over the top of the bushes, he took a deep breath, wondering how to get her attention. He didn't have many friends and didn't talk to his classmates at school, mostly because they were all berks. Besides, they weren't like him, or Lily. He and Lily both had magic in common. They were better than the other kids, Tuney included.

Several moments passed in his hesitation, and finally, Lily started trailing after her sister. He opened his mouth, tempted to call out for her to stop, but in the end, he just clamped his jaw tightly. It wouldn't be any use if he didn't even know what he was going to say. He didn't want her to laugh at him. With a resigned sigh, he watched her break into a trot to catch up with Tuney, her red hair flying behind her. It was terribly disappointing.

Someday, he decided, he would talk to her. Until then, he'd have to prepare an approach.
Tags: 100quills, lily/severus
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