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At it again

So because RL swept me away for a few months, I lost my old claims table for 100quills. However, because DH opened up so many doors when it comes to the Snape/Lily relationship, I claimed another one. I'll be posting Snape/Lily ficlets shortly, so look out for them.

001.Pretend. 002.Desire. 003.Fog. 004.Today. 005.Freckles.
006.Thrive. 007.Sound. 008.Ends. 009.Home. 010.Jealousy.
011.Dance. 012.Despair. 013.Secret. 014.Disheveled. 015.Plain.
016.Sweet. 017.Deafening. 018.Exhaustion. 019.Surrender. 020.Fluid.
021.Rage. 022.Heartless. 023.Silk. 024.Box. 025.Stable.
026.Independence. 027.Melody. 028.Fire. 029.Years. 030.Bonds.
031.Fever. 032.View. 033.Snow. 034.Old. 035.Waste.
036.Pretty. 037.Mystery. 038.Hush. 039.Reminisce. 040.Nothing.
041.Questions. 042.Friendship. 043.Disguise. 044.Window. 045.Fade.
046.Wish. 047.Fortune. 048.Tender. 049.Vigil. 050.Sister.
051.Star. 052.Completion. 053.Fear. 054.Ring. 055.Sorrow.
056.Bane. 057.Laugh. 058.Duty. 059.Sorry. 060.Desert.
061.Time. 062.Drive. 063.Haunted. 064.Seasons. 065.Devotion.
066.Flowers. 067.Vision. 068.Brother. 069.Close. 070.Misery.
071.Lying. 072.Nuance. 073.Hope. 074.Breathe. 075.Solid.
076.Food. 077.Colorless. 078.Touch. 079.Blood. 080.Candle.
081.Hot. 082.Vanish. 083.Compassion. 084.Soul. 085.Twilight.
086.Truth. 087.Smooth. 088.Cruel. 089.Redemption. 090.Vigilance.
091.Foreshadow. 092.Air. 093.Search. 094.Poison. 095.Sunrise.
096.Death. 097.Hours. 098.Kiss. 099.Innocence. 100.Sacrifice.

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