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Thoughts on Deathly Hallows

I know some people were really disappointed with the book, but I thought it was wonderful. The action sequences were gripping, the emotional roller coaster made me laugh and cry alike, and the way everyone banded together really showed their true colors.

Of course, those of you who know me will not be surprised that I was thrilled to see that Severus and Lily truly were friends. Best friends. I've always said he was "that awful boy", and of course there are a dozen other reasons that I've said time and again and won't get into.

That being said, Severus's death made me cry like I've never cried before in a book. JK did her best to string us along, but I knew right away that the doe patronus was his, had no doubts about his loyalties. I mean, even when he sent Neville, Ginny, and the others to detention, he made them go to the forest with Hagrid. No harm in doing that, really. But to have him attacked so savagely by Nagini--with this pathetic pittance of words from Voldemort, and knowing (through Harry) that there was no remorse...gah. And then, when I'm already blubbering over his death, he begins to bleed his most heartfelt memories about Lily. The imagery was just heart-wrenching. His final request, to see Harry's eyes -- Lily's eyes -- made me so sad for him. What a tragic hero. I knew his death was coming, and I knew it would make me sad, but I truly feel like the world lost someone really great. I'm tearing up now just thinking about it.

...Oh, and I like that Albus Severus has Lily's eyes. ...Although he is a spitting image of Harry and James. I wonder how Severus feels about that.

Dobby's death also made me cry, and I've never been a hardcore elf fan (although between Kreacher and Dobby, they really were great in this book), but when Harry talks about his body, and digs his grave, and Luna closes his eyes so that he looks like he's sleeping... I teared up for Dobby.

And Fred. Oh, I never ever wanted her to take a twin away. It was bad enough she made George earless, but then to kill off our beloved Fred...gah. I thought that was horrible, and I felt awful for Percy, and was glad he got a moment to show his true colors. I really wish we found out what happened to George later. Losing your twin would really change you, you know? They were so close.

Did anyone else feel like Tonks and Lupin were really neglected as far as their deaths go. Not so much for Harry not thinking of them, because he did a lot, but Remus was a rather big character, and we don't even know how he died. I would have liked that, rather than just seeing their bodies lined up next to Fred's. I felt a like JK glossed it over, which was peculiar. Does anyone think that Tonks was the character that JK didn't expect to die? Maybe Colin Creevey, too?

I loved Ron in this book. He had some great moments where he showed how he was Harry's best friend and right hand guy. I've always been a Ron fan, and I really hate when people think he's stupid, because he's not that way at all. He's just a bit insecure, but probably one of the most loyal guys you could ever meet. Er. Read about.

The final sequences were gripping. I loved everyone fighting, loved the casual references to some of the minor characters. I was sincerely disappointed that NONE of the Slytherins stayed to fight (excluding Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle)...what was that? You can't tell me that there wasn't one good Slytherin in the bunch. What a discredit to Snape, Slughorn, etc. They didn't all have to be baddies!

I'm sure I'll have more to talk about as the days go by, but I just wanted to get out a bit of something. Share my thoughts. I've already started rereading, so there will probably be a few of them.
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